Troubled By Paradise

When a 27-year-old alcoholic hits for a $120 million dollar jackpot, he soon finds that the lifestyle of the rich and famous isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be as he spirals ever further into addiction and his relationship with his family begins to unravel at the seams.


Synopsis: Peter Culver is a 27-year-old Bostonian with a drinking and gambling problem, issues that were only exacerbated by the death of his terminally ill father; an event Peter missed, and that his mother still holds against him, due to a drunk driving accident.

Now, a few years later, tension is high between Peter and his sister, Sara, who desperately wishes her brother to change his ways. However, following being terminated from his job and being evicted from his apartment, Peter happens across a stroke of good luck when he wins the Massachusetts lottery for $120 million.

With Peter’s newfound wealth, his luck is finally looking up — That is, until his soon-to-be wife introduces Peter to the joys of cocaine and heroin, fueling his addictive fires and further widening the gap between him and his sister. As things continue to fall apart, Peter will be forced to come to the realization that sometimes, paradise just might be more trouble than it’s worth.

What follows is a story of love, loss, heartbreak and retribution as Peter battles against his demons to salvage his relationship with his sister before he loses her love entirely, or worse — before he loses his own life.

Written by
Dylan Piknick

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