The Healer


Written by: David Shailer


Every gift has its price. Father Thomas Keneally can heal. But when macabre deaths follow his miraculous deeds, can Keneally save himself? 


Synopsis: Father Thomas Keneally is a good man of the cloth — perhaps even better than most, for Keneally has been graced with the magnificent power to heal;  a skill he discovers while praying for a young boy at his mother’s pleading. However, when the boy unexpectedly dies a short while later, Keneally’s confidence is shaken. But still, it does not stop the parishioners of his church from seeking out “the healer.” 

Soon, Father Keneally finds himself amidst a stream of people in need of help. However, there’s always a price to be paid for his good deeds. This lesson becomes apparent as Keneally struggles to heal a terminally ill boy who, despite Keneally’s constant efforts, cannot be healed. Wracked with guilt and self-doubt, Keneally slips further and further into despair, which is compounded by his superior, Father Wiesznak’s demands for Keneally to stop the healings — a request which Keneally can’t honor. 

As the healings continue, and more cured parishioners die grisly deaths, Keneally finds himself at the center of a murder investigation. As he struggles to heal the sick, solve the slayings and clear his good name, he begins to question whether his gift is, in fact, a gift and not something more sinister. But soon, Keneally will realize that not only do things often get worse before they get better, but also, sometimes — the line between a miracle and a curse might not be so clear. 



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