The Department

When the DCA’s top law enforcement agent, Sydney Keller, is attacked and is subsequently plagued by troubling visions, he is forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse against the very department he works for in one last-ditch attempt to find out what kind of a world he lives in – and who he really is.



Synopsis:  Boston, Massachusetts, 2069 – the American legal system has crumbled, giving way to the Judicial Reform Act of 2032 and the Department of Criminal Alterations, a shadow organization that behind closed doors, plays judge, jury, and at times – executioner, as they dish out their brand of eye-for-an-eye justice.

Sydney Keller is an agent at the top of his game and, following the assassination of his superior, he is given a task that will secure his place within the DCA for good. His mission – Track down and eliminate the assassin with extreme prejudice. However, the hunter soon becomes the hunted as the mysterious masked man confronts Sydney with a troubling theory – Their memories have been suppressed, and somehow — the DCA is involved.

As the evidence mounts and as horrific discoveries are made, Sydney soon becomes a wanted man on the run from his own department, the punishment of which — Is death. Now, it’s a race against the clock for Sydney to find out what’s happened to his memories, what the DCA’s involvement is and who he once was; questions he will answer whether it be by investigation — or by a bullet.

What ensues is an intense futuristic neon-noir story, unfolding and weaving through complex ideas and deep intrapersonal questions while remaining a thrilling and action-packed crime drama from start to finish.


Project Currently In Development!

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