Renegade Darlings

The lives of two lovers, a deadly criminal, a hotel owner, and one dysfunctional family clash when a gold briefcase containing one million dollars is stolen in this explosive narrative experience.


Synopsis: Samone Summers (Nadira Foster Williams) and Camila Coop (Sadie Scott) are a young, female couple whose lives take a sharp turn when Samone witnesses the death of her best friend while simultaneously stumbling upon a gold briefcase containing one million dollars in cash.

Soon, the girls leave their previous life behind as they decide which path to take next — But where there’s found money, there’s lost money, and the case’s original owner, a violent criminal by the name of Hallie Heights (Lae Gutierrez), sets out to find what’s his, inciting a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between him, the girls, and the dysfunctional Fone Family.

The result –- An explosive story of love, violence, revenge, and even a bit of humor.


Currently in Post-Production!


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Written by
Jonathon Ahern

Directed by
Jonathon Ahern

Just Quit Trying Productions
Ringtail Motion Pictures

Executive Producer
Donald Drew


Samone Summers
Nadira Foster-Williams

Hallie Heights
Lae Gutierrez

Camila Coop
Sadie Scott

Russell Diggs
Ryan Moore

Kelsey Ellis
Jeff Will

Blackberry Fone
Brian Dives

Nextel Fone
Kenneth Elston

Samsung Fone
Daniel Hickman

Luanne Fone
Aquirra Lundy

Willi Fone
Arthur Gregory Pugh

Chris Fisher

Joe Harkins

Ian Sky

Damien Dane

Anastasia Tsikhanava

Eli Escobar

Victoria Pendak

Yeimy Braddy

Hallie's Girlfriend
Maya Simone

Security Officer
Jeff Bouffard

Doug (officer)
Anthony Wilcox

Jim (officer)
Kyle Jenks


Director of Photography
Sam Krueger

Production Designer
Ian Sky

Jonathon Ahern

Associate Producer
Dylan Piknick

Music Composer
Evan Evans

Casting Director
Jonathon Ahern

First Assistant Director
Dylan Piknick

Second Assistant Director
Noelle Maibaum

Stunt Coordinator
Donald Drew

Stunt Driving
Donald Drew

Stunt Driving
Dylan Piknick

Stunt Performer
Donald Drew

Production Manager
Maria Cortes

Production Coordinator
Emma Collis

Matthew Labrie

A Cam Operator
Sam Krueger

B Cam Operator
Lauren Arthur

First AC
Lauren Arthur

First AC
Vasco Sa

Script Supervisor
Noelle Maibaum

Christian Chapra

Sound Mixer
James Wu

Makeup Department Head
Diana Balajadia

SPFX Supervisor
Donald Drew

SPFX Technician
Ian Sky

Military Consultant
Jonathan Drew

Production Assistant
Emmeline Cordingley

Production Assistant
Kristen Mabie

Executive Score Producer
Evan Evans

Score Supervisor
Juls Macalintal

Evan Evans

Composer/ Additional Music
Dallas Crane

Composer Assistant
Yitong Chen

Composer Assistant
Dallas Crane

Composer Assistant
Germán Tello

Composer Assistant
Kyle Throw

Composer Assistant
Marcos Zambrano

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